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Neurosurgeon Brain & Spinal Surgery


General Hospital of Thessaloniki “George Papanikolaou”


  • Brain, NeuroVascular, Complex and Reconstructive Spine & Spinal Cord Surgeon

  • Brain Tumour, Aneurysm, Adult-Pediatric Deformity & Peripheral Nerve Surgery

Post Docorate Training

General Hospital of Thessaloniki, “George Papanikolaou”


  • Eans Member

  • Eurospine Diploma

  • Eans Training courses diplma

  • Hellenic Spine Society Diploma

  • AO Spine Member

  • Medical Association of Thessaloniki Member

  • Medical Association of Greece Member

Academic Interest

  • Brain Bypass - Aneurysm - AVM surgery

  • Pediatric and Adult Kypho - Scoliosis Surgery

  • Brain Tumor Surgery

  • Complex and Reconstructive Spinal surgery

Professional Highlights

  • EANS Training Course Vascular Neurosurgery, Valencia 2021

  • EANS training course Spine and Peripheral nerves, Valencia 2021

  • EANS SPINAL STEP II hands on course Lyon 2020

  • 6th International Neurosurgical Anatomy and White Matter Dissection course organized by The National Neurosurgical Society, the Academic Neurosurgical Department of Evangelismos Hospital and under the auspices of EANS

  • Functional Neurosurgery, Head Injury and Peripheral Nerve, Porto 2023

  • EANS European Training Course in Neurosurgery on Tumour, Thessaloniki 2023

  • Member of EANS: European Association of Neurosurgical Societies

  • 4-year completion: EANS training

  • Diplomate of the Panhellenic Board of Neurosurgery


  • The role of hypofractionated radiotherapy for the definitive treatment of localized prostate cancer : early results of a randomized trial. (J Cancer 2019) P.Alexidis, D.Dragoumis, S.Karatzoglou et al.

  • The fluctuations of melatonin and copeptin levels in blood serum, during surgical stress regarding the pediatric population. (Curr Pediatr Rev. 2021) M. Dragoumi, D. Dragoumis, S.Karatzoglou et al.



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