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Dr Nikos A. Granitsas

Dr Nikos A. Granitsas

Tel: +357 22 476 634, +357 99 567 844

Fax: 357 22 476 640



Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon

Medical School

Graduate of the American College of Athens, class of 1971

Graduate of the Athens medical school, 1979

Post Doctorate Training

Athens University PhD, 1984

Specialty in Orthopedic Surgery, 1985

A full range of Conservative and Surgery treatment of the patients. Significant experience in local infusions to treat pain disorders of the spine.

Specialisation in joint replacements with the anterior approach using the MEDACTA AMIS technique, arthroscopic surgery and sports injuries. 

Experience in the treating fractures with all surgical and conservative techniques. Specialized and innovative techniques for disorders of the hand/arm and foot deformities.

Special non-surgical pioneering techniques for Spinal disc herniation (lumbago) and intervertebral disc herniation. 


Academic Interests

  • PhD thesis: the action of cimetidine in neuromuscular Synapse and the interaction with other drugs. University of Athens, Professor D. Baronos, Chair of Pharmacology, Athens 1984.

  • Active participation in an experimental doctoral thesis of the surgeon M. Ketentzoglou entitled: “Study of auto transplantation of the splenic tissue”, Athens University, 1982.


Member of the Hellenic association of orthopedic surgery and traumatology

Member of the Athens Medical Club 056639

Member of the GMC 3143 485




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